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Endy Mhlanga is current Chairperson of Imba House Charity.

He was one of the pioneers of educational advancement in Zimbabwe by establishing a college school that saw many youngsters benefiting form the project .He was a strong advocate for peace and empowerment of the Zimbabwean society following his strong credentials as a War Veteran in the struggle for independence of Zimbabwe.He is a renowned business man in farming and mining and is currently sitting on  Boards of different organisations.

Diana Chidambazina is currently the Secreatary of Imba House Charity.

Diana is a member of United Methodist Church where she holds a position as a recording Secretary. She keeps two orphans left by her brother in law and her hobbies are playing netball, basketball and interested in socio-economic project of raising chickens.

Alexander Matafi is currently handling administration duties for Imba House Charity.

He has experience in accounting, credit management and warehousing & logistics. He has administered social programmes in soccer development and pool games. He founded and established community projects in housing and group projects for the unemployed youth and women, lobbying for the preferential treatment of physically handicapped people.

Tendai is currently the Treasurer of Imba House Charity.

Following her work witrhin the central hospital she retired to develop  social programmes that promote health & wellness among the disadvantaged and disabled. Endowed with strong Christian background,Tendai pursued the idea of serving the less priviledged persons in collaboration with church organizations to accomplish her philanthropic ambitions.